Michael Pollan, Denier For Hire
EPA Again Delays Report On Safety Of Glyphosate
The Social Psychology Of Presidential Election...
BPA-Free, With Regrets
Most science fiction and news stories describe Mars terraforming as a long... Read >
Journalists - Please Fact Check Your "Doomsday" News Stories -They Terrify Young Children And Vulnerable People
Do you have a ten year old daughter who asked you "can we build a bomb shelter?" and who has nightmares about the world ending? Have you watched a timer on the online version of a major broadsheet newspaper count down the hours and minutes to what they say is the end of the world, and believed ...
By Robert Walker
A Dimuon Particle At 30 GeV In ALEPH ??
UPDATE: before you read the text below, one useful bit of information. The author of the analysis described below is not a member of ALEPH since 2004. He got access to the data as any of you could, since the ALEPH data is open access by now. There would be a lot to discuss about whether it is a ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Another Stone On The Diphotonium Grave
Last December, when the ATLAS and CMS experiments gave two bacl-to-back talks at the end-of-the-year LHC "physics jamboree" in the CERN main auditorium, the whole world of particle physics was confronted with a new question nobody had seen coming: could a 750 GeV particle be there, decaying a sizable ...
By Tommaso Dorigo
Stickney Crater: How A Martian Moon Came To Look Like The 'Death Star'
Mars' largest moon, Phobos, has captured public imagination because the dominant feature on its surface (22-kilometers across) is Stickney crater (9-km across), a mega crater that spans nearly half the moon. The crater lends Phobos a physical resemblance to the planet-destroying Death Star ...
By News Staff
Soil Moisture Could Help Predict 'Flash Droughts'
New research suggests that "flash droughts", like the one that unexpectedly gripped the Southern Rockies and Midwest in the summer of 2012, could be predicted months in advance using soil moisture and snowpack data.Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) analyzed the conditions ...
By News Staff
Hearing Voices Again? It's More Common Than You Think
Hearing voices that other people can’t is a meaningful experience. Like dreams, they can usually be understood in terms of one’s life experiences. Within mental health services, however, the prevailing medical model means some practitioners pay attention only to their presence, not their meaning ...
By The Conversation
Nitrate-Reducing Microbes Linked To Migraine Headaches
Researchers have found an association between migraines and microbes that reduce nitrates. Analyzing data from the American Gut Project, they found that migraine sufferers harbored significantly more microbes in their mouths and guts with the ability to modify nitrates compared to people who do ...
By News Staff
Biological Mystery: Why Would Replacing Diet Beverages With Water Help Diabetic Patients Lose Weight?
In a recent paper, of 81 overweight and obese women with type 2 diabetes who usually consumed diet beverages and were on a weight loss program, those who substituted water for diet beverages after their lunch for 24 weeks had a greater decrease in weight (-6.40 vs. -5.25 kg) and body mass index ...
By News Staff
Simulations Point To A Promising Compound That Could Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms
A novel computational approach to design has created a new compound that in laboratory studies has reduced deficits and neurodegenerative symptoms that underlie Parkinson’s disease.In their study, the researchers describe how their compound, dubbed NPT100-18A, prevents the binding and accumulation ...
By News Staff
Following Speech In Background Noise - The Problem May Not Be Your Ears
"Could you repeat that?" The reason you may have to say something twice when talking to older family members at Thanksgiving dinner may not be because of their hearing. Researchers at the University of Maryland have determined that something is going on in the brains of typical older adults that ...
By News Staff
Phosphoethanolamine Shows Again Why There Are No Miracle Cures Being Blocked By Drug Companies
The story of phosphoethanolamine (PHOS) in Brazil, which set off a widely publicized scientific debacle about the dangers of taking unproven compounds as medicines, shows once again that just because some miracle cure is touted in a foreign country doesn't make it real.This fact is in defiance ...
By News Staff
How Common Is Death By Falling?
On Thursday, Gold Coast man Gable Tostee was found not guilty of the murder of a woman, Warriena Wright, who fell to her death from his unit’s balcony. The case raises questions about how common death by falling is – and how many such incidents are homicides.The prevalence of death by fallingCases ...
By The Conversation
Perception: The Forgotten Psychology Of Holographic Universe Simulations 1/2
Imagine that there is a discovery by one of us humans allowing the full-blown creation of holographic simulations in which whole lives are born, live, and die – but all without self-awareness. They have no real meaningful perception of the world. They simulate sentience, yet they do not really ...
By Alex Durig
The Social Psychology Of Online Trolling, Part 3 Of 3
Thanks to Padre for pointing out that there can only be a Dark Triad of sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism because a tetrad implies four.* * * * *  It is instructive to note that what trolls must feed on is the emotional factor of the chosen victim actually caring and being bothered ...
By Alex Durig
How Men Are Fixing The Workplace Equality Gap
It is still true that far more men than women have leading roles in many organizations. If you ask women to explain this, as many researchers have, they point to workplace culture as a prime culprit. Many readers will be familiar with the kinds of experiences that frustrate women’s career progress ...
By The Conversation
Was Euclid A Black Woman? Sorting Through The False History And Bad Philosophy Of Mathematics
A false history of science was used to initiate colonial education, in support of colonialism. This false history persists. In a recent article about decolonizing mathematics, for instance, Professor Karen Brodie asserts that, “Much, though certainly not all, of mathematics was created by dead ...
By The Conversation
Who Is Trying To Destroy The Internet?
A prolonged Internet outage affecting major sites like Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and The New York Times on Friday has commentators concerned that this is was a practice run for future, more widespread disruption of the internet. The distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) targeted the dynamic ...
By The Conversation
A Racist On The Jews: Let The Donald Trump!
The Jews. First they were perhaps just a little bit cleverer, perhaps by accident, but any process in natural selection is fundamentally describable as an accident. Or perhaps they started out just the same, but then by accident rather than choice at first, they started selectively breeding themselves ...
By Sascha Vongehr
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